10 January 2010

Naming Fun!

Have you seen this site? It is a really cute and fun way to come up with different baby name ideas. I typed in the names of our children in order to see what names it would pick that we might also like. It actually came up with some good ones!! And ones I hadn't thought of, as well. "Francesca"?? Woo! "Giovanna", which is awesome, but not very practical. And the funniest -- "Lafayette"!! Ha!

Of course, when I typed in "PeterXavier" it didn't quite know what to do. And then I tried our most probable middle name pick for a boy -- which is a REAL name -- and it still didn't know what to do!! So funny. Maybe I just like weird names?

We had a good time playing around with this. It was a great conversation starter -- seeing as Andrew is the "hold the baby in my arms before I name him (her)" kind of person. Which is kind of annoying for a "let's sit and chat about baby names" kind of person! And since we are a little stumped anyway, it was fun to get some more ideas.


Joannie said...

I guess I'm biased, but I love the name Giovanna. : ) Why isn't it practical?

Joannie said...

I'm going to name my next child Lafayette. hee hee.

Anne said...

I'm definitely checking out the website. If we have a boy on our hands (which we should know in a couple of weeks!!!) we have NOTHING picked out. We both like to name our babies ahead of time, so we'll have fun with this. Thanks!

Sarah said...

Joannie -- you are awesome. I love it, too! I think I am being to self conscious, since people have been mean about our name choices in the past. Which is why are aren't telling until AFTER the baby is born! Maybe a week after. :)

Sarah said...

Anne -- Have fun with it! Are you going to share once you find our the gender? Can't wait to hear!!

Anonymous said...

Giovanna.....we love it!
Francesca, too, but we don't want to steal anything from Annie.
Love, Mama and Daddy

Anonymous said...

PS I forgot to to say: GIOVANA, WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, IT!
Mama and Daddy

Anonymous said...


Your kid's names are awesome- especially PeterXavier. And he is awesome so he needs an awesome name. Anyone who is mean about your kids names can have their own and use Apple if they want. Or Pear. Or Pomegranate.


P.s. My kids had a great time seeing yours at New Year's. Once the weather breaks, we should get together!

Matt said...

Here is one vote for Kawasaki. I'm sure Andrew will agree on this before he holds the baby.