19 December 2011

Monday Morning Musings

It's still a little dark outside and, amazingly, my house is quiet.  Most everyone is still sleeping and Avila is snoring on my lap.  She always pops up when I wake up, but generally isn't really ready to be awake.  So today, she chose to sleep on top of me.

We're only a week out from Christmas and, per usual, I feel totally unprepared.  One day, I'll be on my game and get everything finished in July so that I can really savor Advent.  One day.

I was really proud of our ability this year to make about 90% of our gifts.  A few for the kids will be purchased (I can't make books or boots!) and some were bartered from artisans and crafters on etsy.  I was proud, until a read my sister in laws blog and she made ALL of their gifts.  She always beat me :)  But, she's a veritable wonder-woman!

My week will be spent with my knitting needles and and sewing maching finishing up this and that.  Hopefully everything will come together without too many long, late nights! 

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