02 December 2011

Laundermat to the Rescue!

Sometimes life jumps up and attacks you.  You know, like when seven people all try to stagger and drag out wicked cases of the stomach flu.

And then you know what else attacks you?  Large, looming loads of really dirty laundry.

This was my life this past week and while looking back I might be able to find a glimmer of humor in it all, I probably won't.  But I did learn an important lesson - Laundermats are my friend!  Yes, it was a little scuzzy and the clientele was slightly scary, but where else can you get five loads of laundry done AND knit half a hat while drinking a Caramel Brulee Latte all in the comfort of a hard plastic chair and a sticky floor??

Admittedly, the greatness of this little excursion was the act of being productive coupled with an hour of childless quiet (thanks to my hubby!).

But the lesson was still learned - laundermats are great!

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Miss Erin said...

Our small town laundramat is quite clean and tidy...and a big help when our iron filter isn't working properly. When the white laundry piles up things become desperate (as in 5 children and almost no clean socks or underwear for any of them).

To be able to go alone, though, what a treat. We usually take along our homeschool work and get one or two subjects done while the machines do their job. Then it's a big folding party on the lovely large counter and home we go with whites that are still (fairly)white instead of yellow.

We've also used it to catch up when I get really behind, 8 loads of laundry all at once. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

You and Annie should both send your blogs to the paper or Faith and Family. You are such good writers and cover the "family" theme in such charming ways!