28 November 2011

Monday, Monday

I love looong weekends.  And holidays.  This one was wonderful.  We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with my family and gorged ourselves fittingly.

Andrew played "Santa's Elf" this weekend and spent a large part of his time working on projects for the kids Christmas gifts.  I am so excited about them!  I may share a few on here later, but some have to stay secret ;)  If you need a fantastic wood kitchen for the tiny aspiring cook in you life, head over to That's A Wrap to check out Andrew's.  

On that note, today is "Cyber Monday" which, in my opinion is a whole lot better than "Black Friday"!  Cyber deals from the convenience of your own kitchen table!  You can couple that with supporting small business by shopping Etsy.  There are lots of great deals there today!  For instance (ok, this isn't a CM deal, just a good deal!).  I have always wanted to make our own beeswax candles for our Advent Wreath, but been overwhelmed by the exorbitant price.  Just now I found a great candle making kit and a fantastic price on etsy!  

Typical of the Monday after a big (food eating) holiday, half my family is sick.  It's a lovely mix of head colds and stomach bugs.  I am praying that it leaves us soon.

Speaking of praying - do you love the new translation??  Could it be more beautiful??  I say not! 

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Anonymous said...

I heart that kitchen!

We had a few people ask us if we liked the new translation and we both looked at each other and laughed, we were so busy with the girls I was definitely one of the people spouting out the old stuff. Oops. I'll get it...next year.