07 November 2011

Craft Show Mania

Craft Lafayette! was fun!  I would say I was moderately successful in the sales department, but really, the fun was hanging out with great people.  How could it not be fun, when my spot was book-ended with my fun sister (and my mom!) and the wonderful Angie?!

It was great to chat with so many talented crafters!  It was also inspiring to be surrounded by so much talent!  I was humbled, though, when I came home and added or was added to Etsy circles (akin to "friends" on facebook), to see the talent of some of the customers!  My initial reactions was "Why would someone so talented buy from me?!?"  It really was a fun experience and I hope to do it again sometime soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The show was really fun!! And your stuff was great!!