04 November 2009

Hijacked Picture

My brother and his family were visiting this weekend. I have zero pictures, since my camera has gone missing, but luckily the rest of the family got plenty. I hijacked this pic from his blog. As you can see, it was an energy-filled weekend. Nine kids total and all of them CRAZY!!! So fun! (And no, this wasn't taken on Halloween . . . we tend to wear costumes year-round in our family!)


Annie said...

Love it! Too bad you can't see Peetie though.... I guess the best way to get 9 kids to pose for a picture is to give them each a salami sandwich!

Katie said...

Great picture!

Barbara said...

Sarah, What a great gathering I see there. Children are the spice of life and they grow too fast..Enjoy each day with them.
Great picture.