12 June 2008

Picture Perfect

Here are a few more pictures from Isabella's baptism and the party afterwards.

My sister Annie and her hubby Martin are Bella's Godparents. I'm not sure why Andrew looks so goofy in this picture, but everyone else looks cute!

Christopher with his crazy gang of boys.

Pretty girl, loving all the attention!

I love the way Christopher looks in this picture. He kind of reminds me of my Uncle Johnny. That's a root beer, by the way.

And here is PX trying to make up for the fact that he just bopped his pal Toby.

"Here! Share my Cake, Boby!"


jaeltherese said...

Oh Sarah, Isabella is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congrats! We would love to meet her next time we are in Lafayette.

Jamie S.

Annie said...

SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!! She might be your cutest baby yet. I hope that doesn't mean she'll grow up to be funny looking. I have high hopes for Anja because she started out kind of ugly and weird looking, but so did Gracie and look how gorgeous SHE is.

I'm not even kidding, Bella is sooooooo pretty. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her godmother!!

Yeah, what's up with Andrew's mouth in that picture? Hahaha, tell him if he makes faces like that one day it'll stick that way.

Anonymous said...

I agree....Christopher definitely got some "Uncle Johnny" genes. Actually, both of the boys look like a couple of old Italian guys talking. His "Gang of Four" is something else! Too cute!
PeterXavier is such a "Daddy".....a little cake (or anything else that is sweet) will fix anything!
Love, mama

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Anonymous said...

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