04 April 2007

When taking Super Heroes to the Children's Museum, be prepared for looks, comments, and the occasional photo shoot.

Christopher was especially proud of his Superman curl. Quiet a feat, considering his absolutely straight hair and the lack of curling equipment.

Oh my gosh! My mom just called -- the tree in their yard just fell on the car and crushed it!! Good thing it didn't hit the house!


Anne said...

I don't know why the super heroes went to the Children's Museum, but they sure took some adorable pictures!! So cute!

Sarah said...

Anne -- some times Super Heroes need a day off from all that saving lives stuff!

CaitieRose said...

I saw the tree! We could not believe that it fell over! We thought they cut it down!!

Anonymous said...

Correction: The tree missed the car. By inches, to be sure, but it did miss. In fact, it missed pretty much all of the things it could so easily have crushed. Thanks be to God it did virtually no real damage.

Even better, no one was hurt. You would understand how fortunate that fact is if you had watched the men who were called out at nearly midnight to work in the cold...with chain saws.