18 April 2007

This weekend we took the kids to the "Bug Bowl" at Purdue. This was the second year we had taken them and I am so impressed with what a neat event this is. We got there early in the day, before the crowds hit. The college students run all of the boothes and they were all so eager to talk to the kids and teach them different things. One guy showed Christopher how to lasso a "bull", Christopher, Grace, and Andrew all got to spit crickets -- but no one won a prize. One of the best things was the "make your own Chia Pet" booth! By the time we got to that booth, the crowds had landed, so we grabbed supplies to finish at home. The next day my mom and Fr Alex helped the kids finish them. Christopher's has four eyes. I don't know why, but he wanted it that way. This is a realy cute project, but I hope that the "hair" really grows, otherwise I'll have some disappointed little kids!

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