02 April 2007

Alrighty -- I just finished Danielle Bean's new book Mom to Mom Day to Day. It was a wonderful read, tailor made for the busy mom. The tiny chapters, chock full of wisdom, make it easy to pick up and read a snippet in between wiping noses and pouring juice. Her "seasoned mother" anecdotes and advice reassure any mother that she is not alone in her quest to raise (many) happy and holy children.

The book was conveniently organized in to chapters pertaining to different aspects of the mothers life -- from husbands to diapers, and spiritual reading to book reports. Each chapter then culminated in a beautiful and pertinent prayer.

The tone of the book was not one of an author trying to put you in your place and prove to you what a superior and far holier a mother she might be. Rather she is a friend, seasoned in the art of motherhood, reaching out and sharing her wisdom. She freely shares her mistakes and shortcomings, hoping that the reader might laugh and learn right along with her.

She gives suggestions as to increasing ones spiritual life and infusing the Catholic culture into every aspect of the families life. She is not a zealot about this -- shirking familialy duties to spend hours in silent meditation -- rather, she shares with you the delight and richness of Catholic culture and how these traditions can bring more beauty and joy to family life.

I suggest all Mama's, those to be, those of a few or many, even those whose children are grown, grab a copy and curl up to laugh, learn, and realize you are not alone on this motherly path to heaven. Even if the path is paved with dirty laundry.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Sarah! Are you mine?
Where did you learn all this wisdom?
Love, Your Mama

Anne said...

Yay! Yay! Thanks for the review (which merited a shout-out from Danielle's website)! I can't wait to get my copy! I think it's a good penance during Holy Week not to have it...because I'd definitely be reading it instead of The Way of the Cross or The Characters of the Passion.