14 April 2007

Today was a busy but productive Saturday. It was a fun day, but it sure would have been better, had it not SNOWED. It's April, in case you didn't notice. Anyway, we spent the AM cleaning up around the house. Andrew even got the lawn mowed, just as it started to rain. His dad stopped by with donuts -- I had just been thinking that he hadn't been around in a while, when I heard him rapping on the door. Christopher asked him "So, Lolo, what did you speak on that island?"

This evening my parents, Annie, and Martin stopped by after Mass and invited us out to dinner. It was really fun to all go out together. PeterXavier probably ate more than everyone else combined. we are going to end up living under the bridge just trying to feed this kid.

Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow, because the kids really want to go to the bug bowl. Christopher fondly remembers spitting crickets last year and he wants to try to beat his record this year. Gross.


Benjamin P Hatke said...

Awww, i wish I could have gone out to dinner with yoos guys. I would have given Peter X a run for his money.

But at least i can console myself knowing that I will be missing the bug bowl.


Anonymous said...

I posted a new comment in last blog's discussion. I am interested in your Mama's feedback. Mrs. H.?