08 April 2007

The best way to learn something is to have to teach it to someone else. The great thing about being a parent is that you are constantly teaching your children new things. This lent and Easter season, I feel like I have been doing this even more so than in the past. Therefore, I have spent these times paying more attention to just what exactly is the reason for Lent and the magnitude of the gift that Christ gave us.

We spent Holy Saturday really preparing for Easter. Granted, we were preparing for the party -- which translates into a whole lot of baking. So I made a concerted effort to make all of the food items directly relate to the reason for Easter. This way the kids got a double lesson -- cooking and preparation, coupled with a big dose of theology.

We baked a batch of "Hot Cross Buns". These are traditionally a Good Friday fare, but since I didn't learn that until Holy Saturday, we will eat them on Easter! The story goes that the monks would give them to poor beggars on Good Friday -- they were the only luxury allowed on this solemn day.

We also made "Resurrection Cookies" which were an awesome way to teach the kids the entire passion story. From the scourging at the pillar all the way to the empty tomb on Easter morning. The kids really got a kick out the whole project. And my dad really liked the cookies!

All in all, our afternoon in the kitchen brought us many blessings -- the meaning of Easter really hit home with the kids, I thought more deeply about exactly what Christ did for us, and all my Easter treats got made!

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