25 April 2007

We welcomed the new summer this past Sunday by taking the first kayak rides of the season! Christopher enjoyed it much more that Grace did! We all had a great time at the river -- Annie and Martin, Ooma and Oompa, Margaret, and even Mrs. Schap and John Mooney (or as Christopher says John "Smooney") were all there. Most importantly, we ate lots of yummy food. Food always tastes yummier after you realize that you actually LEFT IT ALL AT HOME and have to run in and buy all new food at the cute little IGA in Delphi.

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Annie said...

Dread! I was watching Christopher and Andrew out the window from the Schap's cottage while I was waiting for Martin to get out of the bathroom so we could go home. I. was. so. nervous. It was almost wet-my-pants nervous. I'm such a loser. I can't help it.