03 May 2007

Christopher has caught the bug . . . the chapter book read-aloud bug, that is. And I am so glad. I have always enjoyed reading aloud to the kids, but it is so much nicer when it is a book that I can get into as well. A nice long chapter book is so much cosier that 75 picture books in one sitting.

Right now we are reading "Mr. Popper's Penguins." Christopher now wants a pet penguin and says that he will name it "Narnia." Grace will name her's "Fifia." Where does she come up with these things? What a goober.


Sarah said...

That is great, Sarah! Is there a way we can tie in a chapter reading and getting the kids to bed before 10:30. I could read a couple chapters from my new book on "Guerrilla Markeing for Small Business". That would put them to sleep!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE "Mr Popper's Penguins"!!!! The boys are into the Narnia series right now, but maybe I'll switch over... I love that book!
I think I'm Blue Jacketing tonight... will I see you there?