21 May 2007

My parents came over last night and helped Andrew get started on our new "play yard." I am SO excited to get rid of the nasty weeding backyard! A few years ago, we tore up one side and paved it, but the other side has just been dirt and weeds since we moved in. Andrew put down that anti-weed black fabric stuff and a bit of pea gravel this evening and tomorrow I will order a load of gravel, so by tomorrow night, we should have a happy nice place for the kids to play. And I am hoping for a sand box as well!!

I made tortillas for dinner this evening. They were so easy and super yummy. Gotta love the King Arthur Flour cook book! I just noticed on their web site that they have a cooking with kids video. I'll have to check into that. The kids love to cook with me.

That's all for now!

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