30 May 2007

We had a fanastic weekend with a "faux camping" trip to the cottage. We cooked on the fire, played in the river, and slept in real beds. The weather was perfect and the kids had a grand old time. I took tons of great pictures, but of course I left my camera at the cottage. You could have seen Christopher asleep on Andrew's head on a raft in the middle of the river, but now you can't. YOu also could have seen the kids unplanned summer hair cuts. The ones they gave themselves. I guess we'll have to go back to the river this weekend to retrieve the camera (and Andrew's watch and wedding ring!)

Today we went to he Brown Bag Concert. Always a great time! Wes and Rita showed up, which was wonderful. It's always nice to have friends to visit with while the kids run around playing.

Tomorrow is strawberry picking and possible jam making (or maybe Friday for the jam?). Picking strawberries is always fun, but I think it is the hottest, sweatiest job in the world. But anything is fun when you get to eat the product as you work!

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Anonymous said...

Hey!! We're going picking tomorrow (Friday) and making jam too! Are you going to Pretty Prairie? Yum, yum- I love strawberry season!