03 June 2007

Silence. Not something you hear to often in a house full of monkeys. I wonder how long it will last? All three kids and Andrew are sleeping. We have had a full weekend and everyone is mighty tired. One of the best things about summer is that the kids play out side almost all day long and then they sleep as hard as they play.

Friday night we went to the Klein Brat Haus the see Annie and Kim play. It is always so fun to go up there. I just love the local, laid back atmosphere. Jerry gave us these cute drinks called "Little King". It is a type of beer, but in super cute mini bottles. So neat!! The kids loved dancing to Nana's music and climbing all over Uncle Mart. (I think they should start calling him that.)

Saturday was the farmer's market. It must have been a hundred degrees out. PeterXavier played in the drink cooler the whole time and the nice man from Cleaver Farms (Mr Cleaver? I don't know his name.) kept us cool with flavor ice. And I bought some cute little plants for my sorry attempt at a garden. I planted it when we got home and let's all pray that something actually grows.

Good night!

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annie said...

Remember when he wanted to be called Uncle Mart? I think it sounds like a name for a supermarket. Umm... one where you can buy uncles, I guess...