13 June 2007

Every once in a while, Christopher goes on a special "date" with my sister, his "Nana". I am so glad that they get this time together. Christopher can be a sensitive little man, and being the oldest of three so close together, he needs one on one times to remind him how special he is! And whenever they have these dates, he remembers how much he loves his Nana andwants to spend the whole day with her! So today, after their breakfast date, Nana came to swimming lessons and then to the park with us. I am certain that we wore poor preggy Nana to exhaustion!

Later in the afternoon, my mom picked up the kiddos so I could get some things finished (my house is clean! It's a miracle!). Later we went swimming at the Reifenrath's. Christopher is getting a little too confident in his "swimming" abilities! He paddled on his little noodle all over the deep end of the pool! And Grace, the princess, just let Jack push her all over in her raft. That's my girl!

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Nana said...

you DID wear me out! After I went home and made that angry post at the library I fell asleep on the couch and didn't wake up until 5:00!!

But yes, Christopher and I do have fun on our little dates. I'll have to think up something other than breakfast to do for next time.