22 June 2007

Normal mothers would rejoice and enjoy the peace when their yound child took a nap on her own. Not me . . . I freak out and call 911. Gracie entirely covered herself with the pillow shams and fell sound asleep on her bed. In the shams, she was completely out of sight, save one timy lock of hair. Christopher and I called and called through the house for her, checking every nook and cranny. We searched outside, employing the help of some kindly strangers, I called my dad, got the neighbor . . . I was in full flip-out mode by the time Rita found her sleeping peacefully. I feel like a dope, especially since the police man had to come in a check on her, but adventures such as this make you realize just how much you children mean to you, and that is a good thing.

Speaking of peacfully sleeping children, little Zita, stark naked, is snoring at me feet!

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LauraSuz said...

Oh my gosh...how scary! I'm glad she was just sleeping.