25 June 2007

Our three little monkeys have been upgraded to five this week. My brother and his ladies are here visiting for the week. All five little monkeys are having a grand old time playing in the mud, befriending bugs and frogs, and eating lots of food. Christopher and Angelica are inseperable little buddies.

The plan was to go to the Fiddler's this weekend, but the rain kept the weak and pregnant (Anna's prego, I'm weak!) away, so we went to the Bistro instead. We were warm and dry and had some great conversation. We missed the music, but sometimes warm is better!

On Sunday the Hatke's went off with the Hatke Majors while we Antonio's headed out to the Thistle Byre Farm to visit with the lovely Rider family. What a great time! Their farm is beautiful!! The kids had a really nice time running around outside and playing with the other young children. The grown ups had a wonderful visit and ate lots of yummy food fresh off the land.

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