05 July 2007

Don't you want to be them?? If you want to participate in the COOLEST festival of the summer, come to Tapawingo Park on Saturday and paddle in the Riverfest races! Here is a little historic info.

The part of North America in which we live was once a vast wilderness of mostly forest, almost impenetrable by anyone other than the Native Americans who had lived here for centuries.

The demand for quality furs, however, brought European trappers in search of the abundant beaver and other fur bearing animals that were so plentiful in this area. These trappers were dependent on the services of a hale and hardy breed of wilderness pioneer, the voyageur, to provide transport of supplies in and pelts out from this densely wooded land. Those pelts were taken along our waterways to Canada and out the St. Lawrence en route to markets throughout Europe.

The Voyageurs worked hard and they played hard. They ate, they drank, they sang songs, they played competitive games, and they raced their canoes.

Today you can see replicas of those canoes being raced on the Wabash once again, not by trappers and traders, but by bankers, firefighters, city workers, and many others who love to compete and who love the river.

This is your chance to become a "Voyageur for a day" and recreate an activity that was part of those events that resulted in our living today on the banks of the beautiful and mighty Wabash River.

The requirement for the boat is that we have 9 people paddling and at least 3 of each gender.
Come join the fun! We need plenty of "fill in" paddlers, so show up anytime Saturday, midmorning to early afternoon, talk to my dad, and have a good old fashioned good time!

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