09 July 2007

Everyone who read the last post and ignored it, you missed out! Riverfest, once again, was a wonderful little festival jam-packed with fun! I paddled in two races, won one and lost one. Smoked my hubbys team. Then lost the other race because we almost capsized -- paddling takes second seat to trying to stay above water! Either way, it was super fun and I highly recommend everyone participate next year!

Sunday we went to the river and canoed down to the Schafer's for a little welcome home party for Gwen. There was lots of swimming, chatting, plenty of beer, and lots of little monkeys on the trampoline. We had a really nice time and the hopped in our canoe to paddle home. That's when the adventure began. The river was as smooth as glass. It should not have been a problem at all. As we neared the island, we smacked into a rock and got lodged on top of it. Andrew finally had to jump out and get us moving again. Then, one stroke in and Andrew snapped his paddle in half. In the rapids, with only one paddle, Andrew jumps out to pull the canoe and breaks his sandle. He finally got us the short way through the fast water, hopped back, and paddled us on up the river. I sat back and pretended I was riding in a gondula. Lucky for us, my parents had dinner for us when we got back.


Anonymous said...

I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE DRIVEN YOU HOME!!! What hysterical fun. I mean looking back on it... probably not so much fun at the time!!

The boys had such a fun time with your kiddos on Sunday. I love that giant trampoline! Such a nice way to move the noise to a less central location!

Hey, by the way, Sarah- you really need to form an opinion about letting kids "cry it out". The one thing I hate is a fence-sitter!


Sarah said...

I thought you'd appreciate that little fiasco story!!

I'll try to be less wishy-washy next time I comment!