09 June 2007

Yesterday, someone told me that wine at Meijer was only two dollars. So of course, being a self proclaimed wine-o, I made a beeline for Meijer. It was probably only the second or so time I have even been in this store. Why would anyone want to drive fifteen miles into no man's land for some pseudo WalMart? The real one is bad enough. Anyway, I went to Meijer. For the last time. They have taken our technologically dependent, material driven culture to a whole new level -- grocery carts with televisions. I am not making this up. Oh how I wish I could be so creative. For only one mighty dollar, you can "hire" a grocery cart to babysit your child as you blissfully glide through a mecca of sweat-shop made crap. I honestly wanted to vomit. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. What is our society becoming when we cannot even break from our TV induced stupor in order to restock our beer supply? We can't even put up with our children long enough to buy their diapers? Oh no, toss them into the cart and sedate them with the TV. I can just see the whole senario. Kids watching TV at home, Mom needs more frozen pizzza so she throws kids in the car, turns on the DVD moniters attached to the back of the driver's seat, cruises to Meijer, "hires" a TV cart for only one dollar (what a steal!) . . . you get the point. The media is infiltrating and taking over every single aspect of our lives. You can no longer get away from it.

It just makes me sick that their is no escape. We try so hard to shelter our children from the evils of the world, but we have to buy groceries! Any thoughts?

In other news, Farmer's Market was this morning. A cheerful reminder that we are not alone in our quest to raise our family with the best of the simple life. Like the happy Thistle-Byre family in their matching green shirts. My wonderful hubby bought me an adorable purse from some girls who make cute "clutch" purses and sell them at FM. And the kids ate enough flavor ice to last another week.


Anna said...

wow sarah, I am in disbeleif. That is scary scary scary. I don't even know what to say that is so sad!

Anonymous said...

Man, I thought I had the best story! I rented a "Bob the Builder" DVD from the library for the boys once and when the menu popped up there was an option for "play continuously". Is an hour video not long enough to sedate the kids? With continuous play you can have them out for the entire afternoon. I thought this was bad- but I think Meijer may have topped it...


P.s. I thought Corpus Christi last night was a smashing success- great job at the Feast!!

Sephora said...

Did the Farmer's Market have such technology as TV's on the tent posts?


Just kidding.

Pathetic, I agree.