12 June 2007

The Corpus Christi celebration at St. Boniface was a HUGE success. Mainly due to the fab food, I am sure (kidding!). The procession was the best yet, I think. Beautiful Mary Grace Rudolpf, having celebrated her First Communion that morning, sprinkles rose petals for Our Lord as we took him into the streets of town. All of the kids of the parish waved banners for Jesus and were SO EXCITED to be doing so! It was great. We were doing exactly what we should have been doing in order to celebrate the magnificent gift Christ gave to us. It was a perfect balance of prayer and reflection coupled with feasting, dancing, and just the right amount of alcohol!! It was a wonderful Catholic celebration. I am sure that God was happy and the Church Triumphant was rejoicing with us!

My little kiddos have been going to swimming lessons this week. It is one of the first times we have done any organzed activity, and the very first where I can not be right there with them. They are doing a wonderful job. Especially with Christopher, I can see the "attachment parenting" paying off. He is sweet, confident, and obedient. By the end of the two weeks, he will be swimming, I am sure.

Grace is enjoying her self. She is younger and a bit more shy that her brother. I think that if they were in the same class, she would have no problems. As it is, she is enjoying herself and that is all that matters!

After lessons, we stopped at the shop for a drinks and to say hi to the WONDERFUL and LIFE SAVING Cynthia!! Thank goodness for wonderful friends who need jobs!!


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the smashing success of the weekend was the singing. (Of course!)

Seriously though- don't you love being Catholic? What a great weekend... not just the feast; forty hours, the talks, Vespers, the procession... magnificent!!


Sarah said...

I know!!! I LOVE being Catholic!!!