16 May 2007

Look who's turning ONE!! I can't believe that a whole year has flown by! Today we celebrate the birth of the smiliest happiest little monkey in the world! I can't believe the laughs the this little guy has brought to our family. Happy Birthday PeterXavier!!


LauraSuz said...

Oh my gosh. That little boy is SO cute!

Anna said...

Wow, look at that blond hair!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!

Wouldn't it be hillarious, Sarah if I had a darker looking third child. It would be too funny. Then we could just swap every once in a while for family photos!

Sarah he is so cute.

Happy Birthday Peter Xavier!!
We miss you!

Sarah said...

That's too funny, Anna. We might have to trade kids if that happened!

Zola said...

You write very well.