05 May 2007

Christopher and Grace fell in love with this little baby raccoon that Uncle Johnny found. They really wanted to take her home with us. And really, if they were just a little older, I would have let them keep her. She was really cute, but I was afraid that they would be really sad when we had to let her go -- I mean, you can't keep a raccoon forever! And since she is SO young, I was afraid that we night accidentally kill her. Besides, she already thought Uncle Johnny was her mother. He should keep her.

He found a raccoon den out on his property, so he is going to put her their and hope that that Mama adopts her.

While the little raccoon baby was the highlight of the day, we did some other fun stuff too. We had our first Market of the season and that was great. I got a few cute flowers to plant and some fresh asparagus from the Cooleys.

After Market, house and year work, we took the kids for a picnic at the park. They love to run around and play outside -- unfortunately picnics don't really inspire them to eat. Well, PX ate a great deal of sand, but that isn't very nutritious.

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