27 February 2007

The other night, Grant called to tell us that everyone was going bowling. So we bundled the kids up, braved the ice storm and went bowling. It was GREAT fun. I had some really great pictures that I was going to post on here for all to see. I even uploaded them to the laptop. But the internet wasn't working that night, so they never got posted.

And now everything is gone.

I apologize to everyone who was going to come over on Monday for the "Lady Comp Luncheon." Can we reschedule? I'll call everyone.


Anne said...

Are the O'Neils going to give a presentation on how great and reliable the lady comp is? :o)

M LO said...

The Lady O'Neil is going to give a presentation to the girls anyway. I'm sure David has given his own round-about presentation to the boys already. Sarah- I'm free most MWF from 11:00 am on. Just set a time and I'll be there.

Sarah said...

How about next Wednesday at 11:30? Can you call Claire? I don't have her number.