20 February 2007

It was an enormously fat Tuesday this year. Christopher started the day appropriatly with a pancake the size of his plate (at his request). Amazingly, he ate almost the entire thing. And he didn't even know it was Fat Tuesday! I took a picture, but of course I left my camer a at home (I am posting at my parents).

So, Lent starts tomorrow. Lent is a funny time of year, really. It really makes you appreciate the whole Catholic idea that God allows suffering and that through our suffering, we appreciate all that He has given us even more.

There is something "fun" about Lent. I don't mean that Holy idea that suffering is so great and it brings us closer to God. I wish I could be Holy enough to think like that, but alas, I am not. I mean the whole commraderie that comes along with observing Lent. Knowing that we are all hungry together on Ash Wednesday, knowing that we are all eating Tuna Casserole on Friday night, understanding why your friends have no beer to offer you (haha). It is a sense of all being in this together that makes it fun, in a not so fun way. And it is this that makes gordging yourself on Fat Tuesday and Pharisee Runs at midnight all the more exciting.

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