24 February 2007

LOVE the ice storm!!

We spent the day cleaning. Ugh. But now I feel a little better, because the house had gotten out of control. Now, it's not perfect, but it is certainly better!

One thing I did today that was a major accomplishment was to put the kids out grown clothes into the attic. I hate doing that. I think it might be the saddest thing that mother have to do! Folding all those little clothes and packing them away because their little owner can no longer use them. *sigh*

And on the topic of kids growing to fast . . . Grace got her first hair cut the other day! Her hair was getting so long that the little curls were disappearing. She only got about an inch cut off, but now those little curls "poing" right up and bounce around! So Cute!
And since I promised more pictures when I switched to blogger, here is a pic of our boys in front of the new fire place at my parents. A cozy picture for such a cold day!


Anonymous said...

Super Cutie!

Anonymous said...

Gracie has "boing-boing" curls just like Susan in Ramona! The ones Ramona couldn't resist pulling!