04 March 2007

Best Buy -- Land of the Disgruntled Customer.

That's the motto for today. But at least these disgruntled customers got some darn good deals. We now have a snappy new computer, but my husband really had to fight for it. First, we got one (about three days ago) that was about as slow as something purchased in 1997. So we took it back and complained. Then Andrew chose a new computer and when he went to purchase it, he had the wrong credit card. The lady told him to come back the next day and they might be on sale. So we went back and the price had changed alright -- by a hundred dollars, no less. A hundred dollars MORE!! Some sale. So after some very long dealings with a very not nice manager, we FINALLY got yesterday's price today. Grr.

I also got a new camera with an enormous memory card -- all for a very nice price. So now you will all be treated to more pictures!

Mr. Robber - Man, if you read this blog, don't bother coming by any time soon. We now carry our valuables with us. Haha to you. And just wait to you see our new locks. Oh baby. You're out of luck.


Floaty said...


To Bestbuy, not have so much here. Can think getting computer, use at library, I see.

Photo good to taking.

Sarah said...

How did you find me??

CreditExpert said...

Yeah, that's the favourite seller's trick - to change prices if there's a great demand! Surely you should insist on the most favourable price. To a manager's discontent!