16 March 2007

Here is what we have been doing lately. It is the Lenten Calender that the kids made. I got the idea out of a great book called "Guiding Your Catholic Preschooler." I modified it a bit to fit my children and it has worked beautifully. Each day, the kids choose to either pray, fast, or give. They are simple little things like "Give Daddy an extra hug" and we "fast" from things that will assist in developing good habits like "mean words". I am shock at how excited the kids are about this little project. They love to find out what day it is and decide what to do that day. It also keeps me more constantly aware of this Lenten season and reminds me of my own fasts and sacrifices.
The other little project we did was to make Sacrifice Beads. We read a little story about St. Therese, who received a set of bead from her sister and then we made our own. The kids love to make sacrifices for Jesus. Christopher showed his beads to Andrew and then said "Daddy! Don't you know St. Therese of the Child Jesus?!"
And seriously, their behavior has improved. It's amazing! Maybe I'll tell the kids that Lent lasts until Christmas this year.

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Anna said...

That's fantastic!