09 March 2007

I love how silly Christopher looks here! He is pointing to the picture he drew of Clifford (and he wrote "Clifford" on the bottom) Who knew that Norman Bridwell was from Kokomo!! And his wife's name is Norma. Do you think that is for real? I mean, what are the odds?? I think he must use a pseudonym.

Yesterday, my mom, Margaret, and I took the kids to the Children's Museum and went to Georgetown Market -- the best grocery in the world. My mom hadn't been to GM before. We had a great time choosing our different sugars, flours, and spices. It's just so FUN to shop that way. And it is always exciting to get something you have never heard of and experiment with it. Like the last time I went I bought a grain called Quinoa. I have read about it enough to recognize the name, but nothing more than that. It is so yummy! It is a little like couscous, but a bigger grain so it is a more firm. It makes a great replacement for boring old white rice.

The museum was great as well. The kids always have blast when we go -- but we always stay about five minutes to long and expeience the Great Meltdown on the way out the door. Margaret was nice to have along -- she is such a big helper. The nice thing about really big families is that the generations overlap and all help eachother.

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