07 August 2007

I think I believe in global warming now. This is crazy weather. Thank goodness for uncles with swimming pools!! Annie, my mom, and I took the kidders over to swim today. The water was the temperature of an average August day, but today, that was refreshing.

Andrew is going to take the kids to dulcimers at the fountain tonight and let them get nice and soggy. I think these "dog days" of summer should be renamed the "water days" because that is the only way to survive.

Don't melt!


Anne said...

Sarah ~ Did you get my RSVP email?? I sent it from work, so if you didn't get it: Laura and I will be coming to Annie's shower. I tried to call the RSVP number but couldn't get through!! Thanks! See you then!

Sarah said...

I didn't get the email, but that 's ok! See you Saturday!