17 August 2007

Check out this site. I kid you not, Zita is a more popular name that Anja (in the US). Way to go on originality, Annie!! Although, I don't know how trustworthy it is . . . it says there are zero PeterXavier's!!


Joannie said...

Okay, THIS is weird... There are supposedly 3,026 people named Zita in the US... and then I looked up "Anya" instead of "Anja" ... and there are 3,026 Anyas! Isn't that bizarre!?

Sarah said...

Yeah . . . I think the whole thing is a farse.

Wish you were here today!! It's gonna be fun!

Anna said...

Yeah and Sarah, there are like only 575 Hatke's and over 3000 Bertolinis and I checked Antonio and MAN! THere's a truckload of 'em!!!! 8000 baby!!!!!