17 August 2007

For Christopher's birthday, his loving aunt and uncle got him a pet frog. I think they underestimated the effect that this little pet would have on our entire household. The kids love him -- I think PeterXavier would sleep with him at night if I let him. But this little frog has led this little family on quite the adventure. For starters, we are already on frog number 2. Don't ask me what happened to the first one, because no one know. He's just gone. vanished.

The other thing about our frog friend is that he his a very finicky eater. Worse than my kids. He'll only eat moving food. So the meal worms that you purchase by the 50 count and then die, he won't eat. This means that my husband is running out to the pet store for live crickets every other day. So this morning, tired of going cricket hunting every night, (did I mention that the kids like to catch frog food?) he has now decided to breed beetles for the frog.

I can't wait until little Franja is old enough for pets. I'm going to drop a doozy of a creature on old Nana and Martin.

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