26 September 2007

I am now, officially, a yuppy soccer mom. Except that my kids don't play soccer and I don't have a cell phone that starts chippering cutsey tunes from my over priced designer purse every five minutes, or a big SUV, and I don't wear pink warm up suits with enormous diamond earrings.. Yesterday, Chirstopher started his tae kwon do, which means that on Tuesdays I take him there, wait for him to finish and then hustle everyone to the Y for Gracie's ballet. They both love the classes and are learning a lot, but I REALLY don't fit in with the other parents . . . especially at TKD.

PeterXavier had a rotten cold yesterday and it seems to be working its way down the line of children. race woke up this morning, crawled into my lap and pitifully announced that she doesn't feel well. Luckely it seems to run its course quickly, as PX is back to his destructive self today.


Anna said...

Yes, Sarah, hahahahaha. The pink velour warm up suit. I am laughing so hard right now!

That is SO hillarious. Don't forget the Mary Kay bumper sticker!

Anonymous said...

god forbid you be a soccer mom. your much better at being one who makes fun of other moms.

anna said...

Oh, hey,hey everybody has their type. You just have to able to laugh about yourself.

I'll be the first to make fun of myself.

Here goes. The other day at the thrift store I bought a book called "How to teach your kids to love the Earth!" Ha! How fruity is that????? Can you beleive it. Everytime I look at that book, I think, "Pack me off to the loony bin.--I'm too green."

So all you awesome soccer moms out there make fun of me anytime you want. I'll probably join in.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Sarah! Sounds like you ticked somebody off! Join the club. I guess it is someone who can't spell. YOU'RE not YOUR, Ms. Anonymous, if you please.

Sarah said...

I guess I thought I was making fun of myself!! My point was -- I am poor, frumpy, and disheveled -- far from the "with it", put together soccer mom.

LauraSuz said...

Aside from comments being made (I agree with Anna), I like the new pictures…what a cute family.

Caitie B said...

Wow-za, kazow-za! I love me some drama, but these blogs can get downright dirty! Although I agree with anonymous' overall message (we shouldn't judge others), it seems to me anonymous did a little judging of his/her own! Lets keep the blogs clean my friends and just stick to extreme cursing and sly references to drug usage.

Hey Sarah! Andrew told me you read "Skinny Bitch"! Isn't it awesome!??! Glad you guys enjoyed it (and your date night)!