04 September 2007

I love Labor Day. We headed out of town on Saturday, just in time for the kidders to fall asleep for the night. Then we spent a carefree two days at the river. It was grand. We never take vacations, so this was great. We took the kids miniature golfing, which they thought was the greatest thing in the world. PX slept in his stroller almost the entire time, which was fortunate, because he was a terror after he woke up. I have a ton of pics, but I am at my parents, so I'll have to post them later.

We ate dinner at the Oakdale Inne "Best Fish By a Dam Site" It took two hours, but was worth it. It was even worth putting up with the horrible annoying group of 50 that was there -- you know the type. Loud obnoxious women and dads who hate their kids. This group had it all!

Unfortunetly, we missed the Schafer / Schnerre shindig, but I was beat! Christopher was pretty upset about that, but it turned out for the best because when we left to go home, he was asleep before we got off our road!

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Anonymous said...

Thomas was upset you guys couldn't come down as well. Although, I think he was a little distracted by the gigantic bag of M&M's that the Hickey's brought. Nothing like buying off a child with pure sugar!!