30 January 2009

Quick Catch Up

Wow. . . I sure didn't mean to go another week without updating. Oops! For the sake of easy recap, I'll do another "Seven Quick Takes" and then it's back to our regularly scheduled blogging . . . I hope!


We are finally well! Last Saturday, I thought we were all over our lingering illness, so we went to a friends house for a game night. It was great fun, until Grace threw up all over me!! Ahh. Poor baby. But now, I think we are finally in the clear and I don't think any of our friends got sick!

Yesterday was our first homeschool coop. The kids really enjoyed it, even though it was really long. They are taking an art class, a virtue class, and spanish. It is the polar opposite of the unschooling philosophy we live by here at home, but it is nice for them to have a learning environment with their friends and that is different than home. We'll see how it goes through the rest of the year. It only meets twice a month, which is really nice. What I don't understand is that these other moms are so determined to homeschool, but then want co-op and other group activities to mirror a school environment so completely. Am I missing something??

Isabella had her "real" food the other day ("real" as in, we purposely gave it to her -- she didn't forage it for herself from below PeterXavier's chair). We gave her carrots; she didn't like them much.
Grace and I went out last night on a "Girly Date." It was great fun! First off, we both got a much needed hair cut. Gracie looks so grown up!! It is really cute and her curls bounce up a lot more now than they did before. We also bought her a couple new tops. She loved having a say in her new clothes! Then we split a Cinnabon, because isn't the consumption of insane numbers of ooey gooey calories a requisite part of a girly date?
Isabella finally got a couple of teeth. The two on the bottom are popping through. They are making her incredibly cranky and she nurses constantly!! She is nusing right now.
We have a big weekend coming up. Fun times tomorrow morning sledding with out friends. They have a big hilly, wooded piece of property South of town and the kids are really excited to go flying down the very steep hills. I am not so excited to see them flying, but I trust that their daddy will keep them safe. (Because I will be inside. Where it is warm. Sipping coffee and watching out the ginormous windows).
Also this weekend, Andrew and I are going on a hot date to the Ebony and Ivory Ball at Purdue. Hilarious. I guess it is super fancy -- it's mostly black tie, but Andrew is wearing a suit. I might borrow a dress from Stephanie, except that she is like three feet taller than I am. I think I am going to be a total nerd and take a couple dresses to her house tomorrow and have her help me choose. In the warmth. While the kids are playing. And the daddys are sledding.
Belle is still nursing and the others are getting into mischief. I am off to do my duties. I'll try to post weekend adventure pictures as they come!

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