14 January 2009

Snowy Day

It's been a beautiful, snowy day here. I hear it's slippery and slidey our there, but I opted not to find out myself and declared us "snowed in". Technically, I could have gotten the car out, but no one else around here needs to know that! So we skipped our gym time and got some old fashioned fresh air and exercise. I spent 30 minutes tracking down snow gear and bundling them up so they could spend ten minutes outside before pronouncing it too cold.
One of my favorite things is when all of the kids play together for longer that 0.3 seconds without fighting. Here everying is playing happily together in our little nook. This cheery little picture actually lasted a good portion of the day.

Since is was a cozy snow day, I baked a batch cookie bars. Mmm, warm and cozy.! Nothing like the chococherry lava yumminess that Annie made the other day. They were so yummy that my non-dessert eating husband barely even shared one bite with me! He probably won't even eat my cookie bars!

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Ben Hatke said...

I really like that picture where christopher has his hood up. It looks like the 80s!