23 January 2009

Seven Sick Takes

I mean quick takes. Sorry. These days, we are a bit more sick than quick, though!

Just when you think life is running smoothly, stop thinking. Put on the auto-pilot and hold on to you seats; things are about to get rocky.
I am eternally grateful for all of the many blankets, towels, washclothes, and sheets that I have. I never knew I would need all of them at once. Now to tackle that laundry . . .
If you have a child with even the remotest possibility of vomiting do not, under any circumstances, put him in the top bunk to sleep. Just trust me on this one. Unless, of course, you enjoy changing two sets of sheet, two comforters, two pillowcases, and that trusty guard rail. If you like that sort of thing, then have at it. But don't say I didn't warn you.
When your husband comes home after the long (sick) day, bearing pizza and a free pass to the nearest shower -- run. Because they might see you. And the pizza. And you just might now be able to handle that.
Sick babies are amazingly sweet to snuggle. Even four of them at once. And even if they do occasionally vomit on you.
The upside to everyone being ill, is that they take random and spontaneous naps. In this child declared "No Nap Zone", that is a welcomed treat!
There is always hope. Maybe tonight, everyone will sleep soundly and peacefully. And even if they don't, at least it's Saturday and Andrew will be here to share in the suffering (I mean fun!)
To be honest, it was harder to come up with seven that I was expecting! Hop on over to Jen at Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!

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Maryanne said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!