07 January 2009

A Christmas' End

I emailed a friend on Monday lamenting the fact that, after a glorious nine day vacation from work, Andrew was gone and here I was alone in a house with four kids. She informed me that, husband or no, it's still Christmas and we must still party. In fact, she claimed, Jesus demands it -- it's His party, and it ain't over. So, party we did. But now, it is over. Yesterday was Epiphany, and the Christmas Season has ended. Although, our Epiphany Party, due to illness has been postponed until Sunday. Does this mean I can still party? I say, why not!

In that spirit, we celebrated the Three Wise Men last night with a "King Cake" just like we did when we were young. It was fun to see the kids find the "prize" (a quarter). PeterXavier couldn't believe it! Money! In my cake! Two year old joy is so great!

I thouroughly enjoy the Catholic tradition of spreading Christmas over 12 days. Christ deserves a long and drawn out celebration, most certainly. But my more boring self is glad to see the slower pace of life return. Although nothing is truly slow around here!


Jessica said...

Actually it is STILL CHRISTMAS!! The Christmas season isn't over until this coming Sunday, The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord! So, be sure to enjoy these last few days of Christmas before Ordinary time begins next Monday. =)

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I was just going to say what Jessica said! A priest once said from the pulpit that Christmas ends on the Epiphany... but, well, he's wrong. I party as long as I can! Woo woo! (especially since Feb 25th is coming too quickly...)

I'm contemplating leaving my tree up until February 2nd like the Vatican... Since I'm a carefree single gal, I probably will because I like the way it makes my apartment look.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness -- I totally forgot that. Joannie, I remember that priest. Funny thing, I think I wrote a ranting post last year when he said that!!! I think my brian cells must be dying. Thanks for the reminder, guys! Party on!!