19 January 2009

Fun with Math

We were driving in the car today and I was trying -- and failing -- to explain to Christopher what "division" means. Math is not my strong suit. So Andrew, resident Math Man, took over. He briefly explained (well) and then gave the kids a few problems to figure out.

First he says to Grace "If I have three cars and need to give one to each of you: Christopher, Grace, and PeterXavier, how man would each of you get?"

Grace: Easy! One -- I would get a pink bug car, Christopher would get a Porche and PeterXavier would get a baby car!

And then for Christopher, he says: "If I have nine M&M's and want to give each of you an even amount, how many would you wach get?"

"Oh! Grace and PeterXavier would each get two, and I would get five!"


Annie said...

Woo! Go kidders!! Sounds like they both get their math skills from ME! Gracie obviously cares more about style and Christopher wants all the M&Ms for himself. HOORAY!!!

Jill said...

that is priceless. i love your new banner! (is it new?) you have beautiful kids!