12 January 2009

These pictures are small because I hijacked them from Stephanie's facebook. I forgot both my camera AND my video camera last night. Luckily Stephanie got a bunch of great pictures, including a smashing one of my husbands rear end. You can view it on FB, if you care to (sorry, Joannie. Just one more reason to join the crowds, I guess!).

Anyway, last night we had our reschedules Epiphany Party with a bunch of our good friends. There was a yummy "king cake" and PeterXavier won the prize. The prize went to the person who found the very large Brazil nut in his piece of cake. PeterXavier didn't really "get" it and promptly ate the very large nut in one very large bite. Luckily, he was still awarded his prize -- a big bag of chocolates for his mama to eat.

The children all (kind of) acted out the Nativity Story, from the Annunciation to the Birth of Our Lord. It was totally adorable, despite the fact that we had three angels, two shepherds and only one wise man. And a dad who stood in for Joseph, because all of the boys wanted to be shepherds. It was a bit chaotic, but absolutely charming! And the kids had a blast and that is what really matters.


Ben Hatke said...

you didn't post the one of Andrew's rear end.

If I were you I would devote the whole blog to that topic.

Anna said...

Sarah, did the kids books ever come??? :)