09 January 2009

Nine months in, Nine months out

Isabella "turned" nine months old yesterday. I snapped a few pictures of her -- digital cameras, blogs, and computerized "scrapbooks" make this documentation SO MUCH easier. I have more pictures of Belle than of any of the other kids!
Clearly, we haven't had any "adjustment issues." Unless you count trying to smother her with love!
In other news, it's been a wonderfully slow week here in our house. We've been trying out a new bedtime routine and it is working beautifully. The kids have fully recovered from Christmas craziness and have been enjoying playing together and getting back into a normal type of day!


Ben Hatke said...

Good Grief! So cute!

How do you do it?!?!

I mean, you know, except for Christopher all your kids have been really cute!

Ben Hatke said...

I wish my kids were cute.