09 January 2009

What is WITH the Blood today???

Oh my. What a day. As far as I know, everyone is still breathing. But that is saying something. It's been an amazingly bloody day today. First, Isabella cut her finger. Mysteriously. I looked down and the floor was covered in blood. After I figured out it was coming from a minuscule cut on her finger, I calmed down a bit. But then it took at least half an hour to stop bleeding! Luckily, I could recall Mr. Studebaker's "Freak Week" in high school biology (how PC!) to know that girls can't be hemophiliacs, other wise I would have been wondering!

And then, PeterXavier's nose erupted like Mt. Vesuvius all. over. creation. His face, his pajamas (yes, he was still wearing them at 2 in the afternoon. shoot me), my craft room, my kitchen, me. In all his bloody glory, I was certain he had stuck something up there. Surely this would merit my days trip to the ER. But, no, it stopped as abruptly as it began.

So far, we've gone 47 minutes without blood or tears. It's a record!

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