01 September 2011

Co-op Day One -- Survived!

Today was the first day of the homeschooling co-op in which my kids have participated in the last couple years.  Despite the fact that we have been involved on and off since the begining, this is the first year I have taught a class.

Last night, I started wondering what was going on in my head when I volunteered!  Not that I wasn't not really looking forward to it -- I was!  What I had trouble understanding was why, exactly, I thought I could sew well enough to teach it!

After today's adventures in co-op, I still doubt my amateur sewing skills, but I must say, teaching those kids was a blast! 

Last night I finished up sewing each student a 98% finished bag.  Each bag had a little ribbon loop for a button closure, but no button.  So lesson number one -- sewing a button (as well as how to thread a needle and knot the thread).

And the kids got a kick out of the funky buttons Andrew made!

We also spent today's class learning a little bit about the history of sewing.  We started sewing a small needle holder as well, but ran out of time.  In the next couple weeks, we will finish up the small projects in the bag and each child will have a complete made-by-me (as in them, not me) sewing kit.

It was great fun and I am really looking forward to the year.

(If you think these made-by-me sewing kits are cute, I am pretty sure that after a little tweaking, they'll make an appearance in my Etsy Store as well as the  Craft Lafayette! craft fair in November)


andrew said...

Great job, Sarah! Everyone loved your sewing class :)

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Your sewing class got rave reviews in our household! It's such a blessing to Jack that you are teaching it.

Sarah said...

Aw, thanks Angie! Jack is certainly a blessing to the class. His excitement to learn is contagious!