27 September 2011

Cute Kids at a Wedding

We went to a wedding over the weekend.  It was a beautiful wedding of some friends.  I think periodic wedding attendance should be required of all married couples.  I wish I could recount what Father said in his homily.  He did a wonderful job of articulating the vocation of marriage and the witness it provides.  Of course, I was wrestling a three year old and a 15 month old, so I can’t recall how exactly he put it.  (And who knows what kind of psycho-witness I was at the time!)  But it was nicely said and a great reminder to those of us “in the trenches”.   

My kids were cute!

And crazy!  (Christopher orchestrated this goofy picture.  He’s so silly.)

PeterXavier got a dance with the beautiful Hali.  Cuteness overload!

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Anne said...

Your kids were super cute (course they always are)! I meant to say that when I saw you...thanks again so much for that book!