09 September 2011

Creating Art With Kids

The other day, Andrew took the two "big" girls on a date, so I was at home with PeterXavier and Avila.  Avi quickly went down for a nap, so PX and I had a couple hours to ourselves.  It is rare that I get to hang out with just him.  We cooked up a nice, yummy lunch and then sat down to a project.

I am really intrigued with the idea of repurposing found objects. These shells were collected by Grace at my parents cottage a few weeks ago. The beauty of the inner part of the shell was calling me! So PeterXavier and I took our the hammer and broke those shells to bits.

My quality control man ensured that each piece was strong.  (He was loving this!)  And then we took out the Dremel and drilled small holes in the tops.  Viola!  Shell beads!

So pretty!  Such potential!  And such a fun time was had creating together.


Sharon said...

You are an awesome mother. You have an awesome husband! Thank you for being such good spouses and parents so you can enjoy your children.

Anonymous said...

I second that!! Love, Mama

Maryanne said...

I'm jealous of your creativity. Share some with meee! ;)

Sarah said...

Thanks guys!

Maryanne -- Come over soon and I will get you knitting!! I was bummed you weren't at twirling Monday. We'll schedule something soon!

Maryanne said...

Sounds good! Yeah, Linda had the night off of work and asked to take Chiara. I'll be there next Mon!