25 September 2011

Extreme Baby Wearing

The other day, we took the kids bike riding on some trails in a nearby town.  We got there and then realized that I only had one baby wrap.  Since that one was designated for Bella, I had to get creative in finding a way to carry Avila.

Too tight sweatshirt to the rescue!  This actually worked quite well and Avila was a chipper little riding pal!  Ya do what you've got to do!


Jill said...

you look great, Sarah!

Ben Hatke said...

I love how you are wearing your hair!


Laurasuz said...

Cute cute cute!

And you do look great!

Sarah said...

Aw, thanks guys!

Anna -- I am sporting the out-grown and probably dirty, so you through a ribbon in it hairdo. Glad I can pull it off;)