28 September 2011

Avila Update

 Avila is almost 16 months old now and her little personality is really developing.  It is adorable to watch her come into her own and to see her interact with her siblings.  She has finally decided that walking is indeed a pretty efficient means of transporting herself and I don’t think she has actually crawled in almost a week.  She’s not the most steady walker and sort of looks like she just got off a horse.  It’s so darn cute. 
 She is talking a tiny bit with her favorite words being “Mama”, “Daddy”, and “Grace”.  I can’t even imagine how exciting it must be for Grace to be one of her sister’s first words!  It helps that her name is pretty easy to say.  
  It does have it’s down side, because Grace gets yelled at all. The. Time. By Avi asking for help.  Or attention.  Especially in the car.  Sometimes, poor Grace spends the whole car ride saying “What?” “Gaeh!” “What?” “Gaeh!” “What?” over and over again.  Grace is pretty patience with the constant demands and Avila loves her for it!

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Melicia said...

I can't believe how much she's grown up since I saw her in May! Love her cute haircut.